Aircraft Dispatcher Pay and Benefits

An Aircraft Flight Dispatchers pay varies between employers and is also affected by the area in which they are located.  The following is a guide and actual pay can only be determined by interviewing with individual companies.

Regional carriers start their Aircraft Flight Dispatcher employees between $28,000 and $32,000 per year.  Depending on longevity, salaries reach into the $90,000 range and higher for managers.

Major carriers start assistant flight dispatchers in the $40K range depending on experience.  Most major air carrier's dispatch offices are union represented and salary caps have been negotiated beyond $100K.  Many senior flight dispatchers make in excess of $125K when shift differentials and license pay are included.

An Aircraft Flight Dispatchers benefits vary depending on employer but generally include medical and dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, savings, credit unions, stock purchase options, paid holidays, paid vacations, retirement plans.  Many companies offer free flying for their Aircraft Flight Dispatcher employees and free or reduced fares for their immediate family.  Some companies offer their Aircraft Flight Dispatchers discounted holiday travel packages and may include agreements with cruise lines, travel agencies, rental car companies and others.  


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