Can I Get A Job as an Aircraft Dispatcher?

Everyone wants to know "Can I really get a job as an airline dispatcher?" The jobs are out there. The real questions are where do you want to live and what are your goals?

Most major Airline Dispatch offices are located in or near major metropolitan areas. In the US, each of these cities below have an airline dispatch office that employs FAA licensed aircraft dispatchers.


Most of the major airlines require at least 5 years of Airline Dispatch experience to land an assistant airline dispatcher position. So you can expect to start work out of school at a regional (commuter) airline or corporate flight office. There are many of these regional arilines scattered across the nation.

Our office frequently gets calls or emails from these regional carriers seeking aircraft dispatcher job applicants. In fact, many are in a constant state of hiring and will even travel out to our school to interview students currently in class. Some of these jobs are just stepping stones to better positions. However, some regionals treat you so well that taking the seniority and salary hit to start out as a dispatch assistant at a major starts to look less attractive.

Internationally there is an incredible demand for applicants with the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license. We know of many airlines overseas that are constantly looking for qualified applicants and offer fantastic salary/benefit packages.

It's also important to realize that the FAA Dispatcher License is a gateway to many other jobs in aviation. This certification is highly regarded in the industry and is frequently helpful for other airline operations jobs (like load planner , operations agent, or even customs clearance).

Being an airline dispatcher isn't like being a school teacher or policeman - there aren't jobs available everywhere all the time. But there are positions constantly opening all across the country.

If you are willing to live near a major city it's very possible that you'll find a great job near you. If the right job's not available where you want to live, you may have to take another position at the airline of your choice or wait for something to open up.

In the end, the more flexible you are the greater your chances of landing a great job as an airline dispatcher.

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