How Do I Get An FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License

Obtaining the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate (ADX) is a 3 step process.

The first step is to successfully complete the written exam.  In order to accomplish this you must score a 70% or better on the exam.  The written exam time limit is 3 hours.  There are 80 questions.

The second step is to complete the practical exam.  This exam requires the completion of a flight plan.  To do this you must use your knowledge of manual flight planning and the provided reference materials.  There is no time limit and the FAA examiner determines the completed document's correctness.  This exam is usually completed in about 2 hours.

The third step is to complete an oral examination.  During this exam the FAA examiner will ask questions related to aircraft systems, approach plates, weather charts, regulations and other areas pertinent to dispatching.  This exam usually requires 2 hours to complete.

Upon successful completion of the required examinations the FAA examiner will provide a temporary license that is valid for 120 days.  During this period the FAA will process the application and issue the permanent non-expiring Aircraft Dispatcher certificate.

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